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Project Implementation

We guarantee high quality products, individual approach, and consideration of all the customer preferences.

The professional team of OliveAds Construction & Advertising will turn any envelope-pushing project into reality. After all, the emphasis in creation of individual designs can be made not only on the content, but also on the form. Especially if the attention must be focused, whether it is a smart kiosk, a concession stand or a mobile office for various consumer services.

The project of a smart kiosk for tourists and guests of our city.

OliveAds Construction & Advertising offers to create any individual advertising project starting from a drawing until its implementation in a real design. We create any design projects:

  • unusual advertising structures;
  • repair and construction projects;
  • interior renovation;
  • design of creatively different objects.

BarDuck Project.

Our specialists will create a task-specific unique design project, select the best location, provide competently the technical maintenance, and blend it into the urban environment.

Pasha Holidays Project.

The OliveAds Construction & Advertising team ensures the workmanship in the construction of any complexity and a creative approach to the choice of design from a drawing to its thorough implementation on a selected territory.

The project implementation process.

 The activities of the OliveAds Construction & Advertising Company include participation in the restoration of the internal and external facades of buildings, landscaping, and common repair works:

  • Dismantling and construction of walls
  • Laying of utility facilities: water supply, sewerage, ventilation, air conditioning, video surveillance
  • Electrical installation
  • Floor leveling (as well as poured-in-place and false floors)
  • Plaster of walls and ceiling
  • Sound insulation of premises
  • Production of gypsum plasterboard boxes, including preparation of surfaces for finishing coatings
  • Application of decorative coatings on walls and ceilings: wallpaper, painting, decoration plaster, tiles
  • Stucco works
  • Laying of floor coatings: parquet, laminate, linoleum, carpeting, ceramic porcelain tiles, etc.
  • Assembling of stretch ceilings
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Installation of finishing electrics: switches, sockets, lamps
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