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Signboards, pillars, lightboxes

Make your wish to be outstanding come true, and your advertising will turn into a vivid tone of the urban environment.

We would like to offer you the production of facade signboards, showcases, rooftop advertisement, road signs, exhibition stands, lightboxes, etc. Choose a large-format space, and you will get the perfect option for large visibility. Your advertising message will stick in memory thanks to the visual appeal of the advertising medium.

A facade signboard is a three-dimensional structure placed both outdoor on the facade and indoor. Despite the simplicity of design at first sight, it can be an effective advertising product attracting a great number of target customers. In fact, it serves as a business card for many financial institutions, shopping centers, showrooms, and companies. In appearance, signboards can be:

  • Illuminated;
  • Non-illuminated;
  • Combined.

Pillars serve as a beacon drawing attention to the information displayed, whether they are on the streets or indoor. There are different types of pillars:

  • pillars-navigators are used as direction indicators, providing information on the distance to the object;
  • interior pillars are used for navigation at large-scale entity (business centers, shopping centers, etc.);
  • advertising pillars have distinguished design in the form of roller systems, trivisions, or city-lights.

Showcase is a perfect type of advertising. The large areas involved and rich assortment of artistic techniques make showcase advertising more appealing and noticeable.

  • it provides a clear vision of the products and services offered for a target client;
  • it can be used for a long period of time;
  • it is a powerful tool forming consumer ideas about the range and quality of goods and services;
  • it can serve as an indirect pricing tool, forming general marketing policy of the company as well;
  • it cultivates a public image of the consumer interest.

Roof panels are large-format outdoor advertising structures with internal LED lighting installed on the rooftops of high-rise buildings.

  • impressive advertising area;
  • display 24 hours a day, the internal LED backlight provides an additional effect in the night time;
  • the ability to use irregular elements (three-dimensional shapes, neon, etc.) for any creative ideas.

Direction (road) signs are an effective and reasonable advertising affecting the company (brand) recognition in a positive way. They direct the customers for the desired address easily and accurately, increasing their purchasing power.

Exhibition stands (advertising and exhibition equipment) are a unique and effective way to influence your target consumer. Perfect for promotions, it is all about easy assembly and transportation, allowing the promotion to be held in several shopping centers or at several sites throughout the day.

  • the possibility of using in the halls of hotels and business centers to present financial services or travel content;
  • at the airports to present new car models, novelties of transport and logistics services;
  • at seminars, conferences to present the most advanced services and technologies;
  • at medical centers to present cutting-edge pharmaceutical products and services;
  • at various exhibitions, in supermarkets and shopping centers to demonstrate new products or services;
  • it intensifies the perception and retention of the corporate identity, taking into account the site features, when not a single centimeter of space to be missed.

Lightbox is another most common advertising type with a distinctive feature: glow, making advertising more catchy and noticeable, especially at night time.

  • they can perform direction, information, and image-building functions, attracting the attention of target customers;
  • they can be placed almost everywhere, including in crowded areas;
  • they are easy to be handled and durable.

Firewalls are the largest advertising media placed on the walls of residential houses and industrial buildings, as well as the objects under construction.

  • large visibility area of the advertising message;
  • universality of intended coverage;
  • they are superior to other formats due to the size of the advertising space involved.
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