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Baku City Tour Project

Bright information pillars we made for the Baku City Tour.

  • Stainless steel 2 mm
  • Glass 10 mm
  • Profile sheet
  • Powder paint
  • LED + LEDbox
  • Metal bending and cutting
  • Powder coating
  • Welding works
  • Mounting

Pillars occupy the rightful place among the nowaday advertising media. Merging into the city architecture, they are a helping hand for companies and a useful tool for consumers of goods and services.

The advertising message on the pillars can be read in a matter of seconds. It is vivid, expressive, easy to remember, contains short information and image-building components. It contributes to the company recognition in the future. At the same time, pillars can act as a 3D coupon with discounts. The peculiarity of pillars and podiums is their ultramobility. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, take up little space, can be used as special equipment at exhibitions where you want to show a new product in an interesting way and graphically, and draw attention.

An advertising pillar near the Maiden Tower.

It is a structure in the form of a pillar, most often with sides. So many sides, so many fields with advertising content. The design is usually illuminated. The energy source may be located inside. In other cases, the illumination follows the space contour. But the use of LED elements is considered the ultimate solution. Pillar advertising is a good addition to other types of advertising, it is even irreplaceable in some areas.


  • the pillars look creatively different and they draw attention of target buyers;
  • it is possible to demonstrate any advertising message, while embodying all sorts of creative ideas;
  • bright panels are well perceived by passers-by, they pass information about goods and services day and night;
  • the vertical structure takes up little space, so it can be installed anywhere with crowds;
  • an unusual column does not look odd against the background, on the contrary, it decorates the surrounding entourage.

An advertising pillar near the Puppet Theatre.

The pillars fit perfectly into the nowaday interiors of banks, business centers, cinemas, spa centers, top-class night clubs, etc. Mostly, pillars readily fit into any scenery. But for them to fulfill their purpose, it is recommended to install pillars in the areas with constant stream of people. Roadway areas are among such places. The advertising stand must be placed to border both the sidewalk and the road. This way, this pillar will be visible to both drivers and pedestrians, at the same time. You should always remember that it is more difficult for people in passing vehicle to perceive the displayed information. Therefore, it is worth taking special care of its good visibility and clarity; public transport stops. This is another place where an advertising will not be unnoticed; airports. Passengers waiting for their flight will not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the information on the eye-catching display; shopping centers. These buildings are never empty. Colorful indoor pillars attract an audience from a variety of segments; amusement parks, cinemas, parks. Visitors seeking for relaxation and leisure time will seize the moment to get acquainted with the best offers from the companies.

An advertising pillar near the Heydar Aliyev Center.

The size, materials used, and functionality of these advertising structures depend on the placement location. The products are made of aluminum and durable plastic alloys. The information is placed behind glass or protected from weather conditions by lamination. The shape and location of the pillar in the space are designed for the installation to be effortless.

Several advertising units can be shown at the same time and on the same display. It is carried out by means of special roller mechanism with an electric drive. And it is possible to program the frequency of changing messages. The best solution is to place up to four units on one side panel.

The illumination can be performed with lamps mounted inside the structure. Thus, the lighting turns out to be full-fledged. The luminescent sources, as well as a timer for their ignition and shutdown, will help to save energy. LED is used to provide external illumination.

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