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Powder coating of metal

The coating creates a hard polymer film on the product surface by means of spraying and subsequent curing.

Today, powder coating  is the most popular method of coloring metals. The promptness of the method is its main advantage. It has not toxic smell, compared to the application of enamels and liquid paints. It has a high coating resistance and best contact with metal. It does not require time-consuming drying. This resistance is obtained by electric spraying and subsequent curing. The result of the final stage is a high-quality monolithic coating.

Powder coating of metal.

Powder coating of metal is a complex technological process consisting of several stages:

  1. Preparation of metal structures for painting – the surface of the product is cleaned of dirt, scale, and rust at this stage.
  2. Priming – a special composition is applied to protect the structure from corrosion and facilitate the paint fixing on the metal.
  3. Powder coating – at this stage, the metal structure enters the paint chamber, where the paint is sprayed. The pigment grains are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the metal product.
  4. Polymerization – metal products are placed in a special furnace where the paint is fixed to the metal when exposed to high temperature.
  5. Sand blowing – is an abrasive cold treatment of hard surfaces by damage, carried out with sand sprayed by a strong air flow on the treated surface of metal products and structures. In addition to sand, steel shot, glass beads, emery powder and other synthetic materials for jet cleaning are used as a blasting material


Currently, powder coating of metal products and structures is gains traction due to a number of advantages over other methods.


  • promptness of the process;
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • long-term service, providing a coating resistant to chipping and peeling;
  • reliable protection against corrosion and other adverse effects;
  • heat resistance of the coating (from -60 to +150°C);
  • environmental friendliness and safety of the use as a final product;
  • the aesthetics of the perfect surface, the possibility of choosing a color according to the RAL scale;
  • uniform decorative coating, giving the product a neat look; the possibility of using metal structures in the open air.

Powder coating of alloy wheels.

Thanks to the thorough preparation of the surface of metal structures using modern technology, OliveAds Construction & Advertising provides the customer with:

  • high quality of the painted product, ready for use in various climatic conditions;
  • performance of the projects of any complexity;
  • strict compliance with deadlines, the availability of express painting;
  • a long-term (from 1 year to 10 years) warranty for powder coating.
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