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Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending is used routinely in the advertising industry.

Sheet metal serves as the basis for the manufacture of rooftop advertisement, billboards, superboards, side-mounted box signs, signboards, three-dimensional structures, pillars, pavement signs and other advertising installations. And even in LED designs. Each of them has unique features and running abilities, so they need a special approach. Besides, auxiliary and fastening parts of structures are made of sheet metal. It is important for metal products to have high strength and resistance to external influences. It will help to avoid premature wearing out of advertising media, and will guarantee their longstanding service life. Therefore, for the manufacture of street structures, a sheet bending machine is needed to cope with work of any complexity.

Sheet metal bending is carried out mainly with low-carbon steels by cold bending on special machines using a press or a roller, also called LBM. This method makes it possible to create weld-free three-dimensional items of various shapes, prolonging significantly their service life, and the low cost of manufacturing and precision of performance are the basic requirements for this type of service. The dimensions of the metal processed by Baykal machinery are up to 20mm. Bend length: min.: 1,250mm, max.: 4,100mm.

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