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Maintenance of advertising structures

Routine servicing of advertising structures is a precondition for their effective operation.

Installation of an advertising structure is only one of the stages of placing outdoor advertising. Almost any advertising structure is quite complex technical product. The lack of regular certified maintenance leads to the loss of their high-quality and aesthetic appearance. Regular maintenance of outdoor advertising is the best way to maintain structures in good condition, and to keep them effective for the functions assigned.

Attention to the outside appearance

Outdoor advertising is effective only if it has no burnt-out lamps, chips, or loose film. And while the maintenance of advertising structures has a wide range of services, the basic standard is to pay attention to the outside appearance and maintain a safe technical condition. OliveAds Construction & Advertising works with lightboxes, banners, metal and light letters, side-mounted box signs, rooftop advertisement, etc. Our experienced employees are quick about the tasks thanks to the future-proof equipment. The services include scheduled inspection of the technical condition of structures, washing and cleaning of signboards, replacement of lighting and much more. The time intervals for washing and cleaning are determined individually for each case. Besides, these intervals depend on the original color palette of the advertising sign. If necessary, specialists will eliminate external and internal damage, replace broken glass and lighting, and carry out visible repairs.

Maintenance of advertising structure

Maintenance is an important stage in the installation of an advertising structure. Thanks to this service not only the aesthetic part of advertising is provided, but also the safety of people. You probably don't see the result of maintenance at first glance. But maintaining an advertising structure in an appealing and, most notably, working condition is one of the keys to success for your business. Remember that the visitor's first impression of any entity is formed from visual appeal, and the availability of a bright, vivid sign attracting attention.

Maintenance frequency depends on the type of advertising structure or signboard, and the servicing needed. For example, it is recommended to conduct washing every 3-6 months. Sealing of 3D signboards or letters is carried out as necessary. Scheduled inspection of lighting and its diagnostics should be carried out at least once every 4-6 months. Timely maintenance is an opportunity to prolong the operational life of advertising signboards to the greatest possible extent. OliveAds Construction & Advertising offers a full range of advertising services.

Installation and assembling

OliveAds Construction & Advertising provides installation and assembling services. Performing the installation, we guarantee an excellent result: thorough and reliable installation, correct backlight connection, and careful attitude to the design. Installation of advertising structures is carried out in compliance with reliability and safety requirements. Besides the installation of advertising structures, it is possible to assemble such materials as:

  • banner (regular, cast, mesh)
  • flex (regular, cast)
  • vinyl (regular, mesh)
  • backlit
  • French paper

Our specialists perform in a professional manner:

Option 1

  • installation, dismantling, transfer of outdoor advertising, disposal of structures;
  • washing of advertising signboards, cleaning from various contaminants, painting;
  • scheduled maintenance of advertising structures, including the checks of the working condition of electrical equipment, power components, and the external state of the signboard, as well as the current repairs;
  • seasonal routine maintenance (preparation for the winter period and its conclusion – performed 2 times a year as usual);
  • audit of the technical state of outdoor advertising, including performance diagnostics of electronic and electrical equipment, fastening units, checking the compliance of the design with the obligatory technical documentation;
  • routine and major repairs of outdoor advertising.

Option 2

  • mechanical cleaning of the signboard from dust and dirt;
  • sealing of three-dimensional structures and repair of their individual parts;
  • elimination of minor defects on the signboard (scrapes, abrasions);
  • cleaning the internal surfaces of 3D letters and other parts from dust.

Option 3

  • Diagnostics of the advertising structure, with preparation of an estimate of necessary and recommended works;
  • Repair of advertising signboards and structures with replacement of damaged parts;
  • Repair of illuminated advertising with replacement of electrical wiring, lighting and electrical parts;
  • Replacement of advertising spaces, dismantling outdated data and updating advertising information;
  • Additional provision of ready advertising structures with information, lighting, and structural parts;
  • Anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts and units, maintaining the cleanliness of advertising structures.

Option 4

  • installation, repair, replacement of electrics (from replacement of light bulbs to neon);
  • inspection of advertising structures;
  • painting and anti-corrosion works (from primer painting to powder coating);
  • washing and cleaning of structures.

Option 5

  • outdoor advertising washing, cleaning of structures;
  • changing the signboard design;
  • diagnostics of working capacity, timely replacement of luminous elements;
  • replacement of a damaged film coating;
  • actualization of information;
  • replacement of individual structural parts;
  • installation and dismantling of outdoor advertising;
  • disposal of waste after the work.

Professional outdoor advertising servicing will help you in creation of a perfect public image for your organization, attracting new customers and breaking into your business sphere. We undertake high-quality servicing and timely repair of your outdoor advertising, and you just keep working.

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