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Bundled printing services

OliveAds Construction & Advertising embodies the most complex and unique ideas in printing.

The Company provides a full package of services in this regard: the designer's work on the initial drawing, pre-production preparation of the ready file, printing of products, its placement or installation, if required.

Large-format printing

This is one of the main ways to create outdoor advertising. Its scope is very wide: from production of small posters to huge advertising spaces. Subject to the goals of the advertising campaign, our managers will offer you printing on various kinds of materials.

  • Printing on a banner
  • Printing on a mesh banner
  • Printing on self-adhesive film
  • Printing on a perforated film (FLEX)
  • Printing on paper
  • Print on canvas
  • Printing on plastic

Laser printing

This is a high-tech and advanced way to apply drawings, texts, souvenir symbols or logos to the surface of various materials. The image is applied by means of laser. The method has features as follows: high accuracy, excellent performance indicators, and resistance to external factors. Small urgent circulations of up to 500 copies are most often printed this way. This method allows you to print this circulation within an hour, comparing favorably with other printing methods.


UV printing

It is performed using specific inks hardening when exposed to ultraviolet light. The hardening process for such ink is very fast, almost instant. This method allows you to get high-quality advertising products with clear, bold logos and images. It makes it possible to get accurate color reproduction and high detail of the applied images, therefore it is widely used in the nowaday advertising sphere.


Offset printing

Offset printing is the most common method of getting a full-color image by printing. It is applied in the printing of catalogs, advertising booklets, books, newspapers, packaging and other printed products in medium and large circulations. The low cost of offset printing is associated with the cost reduction for one product copy with increase in circulation.

Offset printing is perfect for:

  • business cards
  • letter headed paper
  • catalogs
  • booklets
  • leaflets
  • posters
  • menu
  • invitations
  • plastic cards
  • calendars
  • stationery forms
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • books
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