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Manufacturing and branding of ATMs and terminals

Our production capacities allow us to produce all the parts needed for the design of ATMs and terminals in a quick and qualitative way.

The ATM branding is their design in a single corporate style. It is often the case that a separate special zone is allocated in shopping and business centers for several payment terminals and ATMs of different banks. Visual advertising on payment terminals draws attention of the target customers, and a colorful design allows you to stand out among competitors.


  • the possibility of reaching a wide audience at large gatherings of citizens;
  • a perfect advertising medium increasing the brand recognition;
  • straightforward information about the bank's services;
  • client generation through appearance;
  • devices can be provided with the desired look by any, even the most complex design;
  • if the sales promotion terms change, you can quickly change them on the ATM or terminal.
Manufacturing and branding of ATMs and terminals Super User