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Production of pillars

Bright information pillars we made for the Baku City Tour.

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Bundled printing services

We provide all sorts of bundled services in the field of printing, including large-format one.

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Advertising media service

Routine servicing of commercial-grade devices is a precondition for their effective operation.

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Powder coating of metal

The coating creates a hard polymer film on the product surface by means of spraying and subsequent curing.

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Sheet metal bending

The metal bending makes it possible to obtain weld-free three-dimensional products.

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Project Implementation

We guarantee high quality products, individual approach, and consideration of all the customer preferences.

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Signboards, pillars, lightboxes

Make your wish to be outstanding come true, and your advertising will turn into a vivid tone of the urban environment.

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Metal works

Metal elements are more popular today in the modern stylish exterior and interior than they used to be.

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Production of advertising structures for ATMs and terminals

Availability of production capacities allows us to produce an advertising image and all the necessary additions for the ATM design in a quick and qualitative way.

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ContactsOur office

Baku city, 115 Heydar Aliyev ave,
Caspian Sport Plaza, 18th floor
Phone: 012 409 55 09


Baku city, Binagadi district,
Rasulzade settlement, Baksol, 54.
Cell phone: 050 200 30 17

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